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Chris Gage

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I believe that everyone has the right to express themsleves, particularly people living with Dementia. Living Words do wonderful work that gives people living with Dementia a huge boost in their wellbeing by giving them a voice. They are based in Folkestone where the Channel Tri is taking place, and as small charity pioneering an impactful way of working I know any donnations will make a huge difference.

This is my first triathalon, the first time I've taken part in a sea swim race (750m) and the first time I've raced on a bike (20km) this bit is particulalry challenging for me, as I don't have the same balance that everyone else has (the spirit level in my ears isn't there) and I rode a tricycle for many years. I've mastered the bike now (so long as it's not dark) but this is the first time I've raced it.

Any donation would be massive support for me on the day, and make a huge difference to a fantastic Charity. Thank you for your support.